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We agreed to have a final day battle to see who could stay up the longest, Branson says. Obama practised kitesurfing off Necker island for two days solid. During the challenge, Branson managed to go for 50 metres on his foilboard.
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De même, le pratiquant est appelé aéroplanchiste, le mountainboard Planche terrestre aérotractée et le snowkite Planche à neige aérotractée Journal officiel de la République française, 26 novembre 2008. Aussi appelé flysurf à l'origine, kiteboarding ou kitesurfing selon ses appellations anglaises, voire simplement kite.
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56 In South Africa between October 2003 and April 2004, 83% of search rescue missions involving kitesurf were in offshore winds with the kite still attached to the harness, uncontrolled in strong winds or impossible to relaunch in weak winds.
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You glide on a special board with a mast underneath without any resistance over the water and you can go kitesurfing already from 8 knots. So kitesurfing is never boring and even if you are a bit overwhelmed after your first kitesurfing course, you will quickly find your own kitesurfing style and make fast learning progress.
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